​​A Place For Hashem Ministries

Lashana Tova (Have a Sweet New Year).  In this season it is "Out with the old and In with the New" (Selah).  Be found Knowing Yeshua, Hearing Him, Following Him, and Obeying Him.

“A Place For Hashem Ministries” will no longer meet at BENJAMIN STODDARD MIDDLE SCHOOL, that door has closed for now. “A Place For Hashem Ministries” is looking to acquire a facility where 24 Hour Worship can go forth and Yeshua’s (Jesus’) End of the Age Message can be taught and preached in Spirit and Truth. 

“A Place For Hashem Ministries” is reaching out to the homeless and needy at home and abroad. We help by assisting local street evangelism teams, sponsoring mission trips and other projects to help spread God’s Word to those in need.  Pray about becoming a part of our outreach team and building project. To learn more sign up for our Monthly E-Newsletter called Shema (Hear) or call Prophetess Joan H. Rivera (202-213-6447).

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Psalm 122:6

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:" May those who love you prosper.